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Case Study: 80Eighty


Builders of Dreams.

Making The Impossible Possible - 80Eighty

80Eighty is the brand that you grew up dreaming about starting but never made it happen, and these guys did. The biggest challenge that they faced as a company wasn't in building a dream car to give away (they're pretty proficient with their tools), or the 20 grand cash they give away with it (Yes, $20,000 with almost every car). The challenge was getting people to believe that there were people decent enough in the world to actually focus on achieving the dreams of others for them. We've been changing the minds of the people for 80Eighty almost since their beginning, and have produced hundreds, if not thousands, of super rad videos, as well as all the product photography for their website, animated content, and a slew of other sick mind-melting content.

CLIENT - 80Eighty

DIRECTOR - justice goble