The Top 10 Automotive Video Marketing Strategies To Boost Sales In 2019

The Top 10 Automotive Video Marketing Strategies To Boost Sales In 2019

Stats show poor video content has just as much power to hurt your brand as awesome video content has to build it. So, rather than give you a stick and throw you into the wolves without any knowledge of how to fend for yourself, we decided we’d gather together some of the best tactics we’ve used in the past, as well as some new ideas we think will be hits and share them. Here are our top ten video marketing strategies to boost sales in an automotive/off-road industry in 2019!

The Helios 58mm

I recently had to re buy a lot of gear due to a lot of it getting stolen, and one of the lenses I bought is an old Helios. The russians apparently made them after finding some Zeiss lens blueprints during world war 2 while going through germany, so they are really fantastic lenses that offer a really artistic, unique aspect that many modern lenses don't have: Beautiful lens flares!

Here are some of the beautiful shots we got yesterday!


Paul Edward's Mazda speed3 (@paulypocket656)

It's not a hard thing to take photos of this speed 3 for me. Not only is it just awesome and gorgeous to shoot, but it's also my brother's car, so I see it every day! That doesn't stop me from wanting to get into it's little details, and I decided to do this shoot with him and a friend named Terry (coming soon) yesterday. The shots are so rad!! Paul didn't want another roller so I got to put my modeling skills to use. Here are my favorite shots of the day.