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The Top 10 Automotive Video Marketing Strategies To Boost Sales In 2019

Video Marketing Is A Great Tool For Building Your Brand If Done Correctly

At Fortress Collective, we take pride in helping build our client’s brands, and part of that process is keeping up with top trends as well as new video marketing ideas that will become trends in the future. Let’s face it, Dealerships, maintenance shops, auto body shops, off-road specialists and the aftermarket industries have all been using video advertisements since before most people in both of our businesses were born. But not every video is created equal unfortunately (if you don’t believe me, watch our demo reel on our home page and then compare it to any handful of “specialists” in your area and you’ll see quickly what we’re talking about).

There is really a huge amount of terrible video content that is out there, and statistics are showing us now that poor video content has just as much power to hurt your brand as awesome video content has to build it. It’s really important to make sure your content is top notch! So, rather than give you a stick and throw you into the wolves without any knowledge of how to fend for yourself, we figured we’d gather together some of the best tactics we’ve used and came up with in the past and share them, as well as a few ideas we think are going to be top contenders in the next year. Here are our top ten video marketing strategies to boost sales in 2019:

1: Provide Buyers With Great Info On Your Car/Parts/Services & Reap The Added SEO Benefits

There are loads of ways to boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for you automotive business. Videos aren’t generally at the top of the list, but we’ve seen that this is a sure way to miss out on generating tons of leads with your website. If you stop and think about it, most consumers love information, especially in the automotive/aftermarket industries. If you wanted some sweet off road suspension, you’d do a lot of research to make sure that you are buying the correct setup to get the best application for your goals. This is true for any car buyer, tint purchaser, or even steering wheel manufacturer. If you give them the information that they are looking for in a quick video is the perfect way to combine their thirst for knowledge with their short attention span, especially if you do this in a creative way that nobody else is doing (Hint: that last piece of advice is applicable to every suggestion in this post). Google is also putting an emphasis on video and has begun to rank videos as the first option for many queries. There’s also the option of converting any video you have, transcribing it, and turning it into a blog post  with the video content to gain all those SEO benefits in text form .(Hint #2!) If you want to boost your local rankings, this is a great way to start!

2: Give Detailed Video Reviews Of Top Selling Products/Automobiles

As an add on to #2, this one works well for automotive dealerships, both new and used. In fact, when applied properly it boosts VDP engagement by 600%, solid numbers! Don’t just give them the specs of the product/car. Take a chance and test them out and make a educational, informative video covering your favorite and least favorite aspects of that. Or take the opportunity to talk about your product and how it differs from the competition. Make it quick, polished, and entertaining. Cover the quirks, point out upgrades, etc. If you’re really looking at building your brand into being a self sustainable brand that gains repeat customers and decreases marketing costs all at the same time, this is a great marketing idea. Consumers love honest salesman and absolutely hate having things covered up or being lied to. They want to have an honest look behind the curtain.

3: Optimize Every Video For Mobile (And Share Them)

Your entire goal is to build your brand and engage your audience, right? Why on earth would you not make sure you’re posting every single piece of content you are paying to create? Here are the stats: Mobile traffic had reached 63% of all online traffic at the beginning of 2018 and is expected to be 2/3’rd of all traffic by the end of the year. That is a significant lead over desktop’s 37%. Also, people are three times more likely to watch a video on mobile than on a desktop computer. Make sure you’re optimized for all that traffic with a mobile-first designed website, as well as optimizing your video content for the platform it will be hosted on. That included changing the length of your video (this length is dependent on the type of video and also on what platform it’s hosted on, as stats say it works better to be shorter for Instagram generally than on Facebook). Also, each platform has different aspect ratios that work best depending on the objective. For instance, Instagram’s best ratio for feed post engagement is a 1:1 square ratio, or a 4:5 ratio for their story posts. Facebook’ has numerous ratios dependent on feed post, banner image, or if you’re using Facebook’s advertising. Not only do these tweaks give your dealership/store a super professional look, but they also increase your brand’s reputation as they are shared with friends and family of your clients.

As this graph illustrates, most of all online traffic comes from mobile users, a significant amount over desktop users.

As this graph illustrates, most of all online traffic comes from mobile users, a significant amount over desktop users.

4. Give Your Service Department A Shot In The Spotlight

I own a 1971 Datsun 240Z, a beautiful car that I’ve restored by hand in my own garage over the past few years (We are automotive marketing experts for a reason here, we love cars). There are few people I’d allow to drive it, let alone work on it. If I don’t know your service department and trust them, you can easily tell that I am not going to let them do any maintenance on it. Most customers won’t be as particular as I am with my Z, but that doesn’t mean that trust isn’t super important. Take the opportunity to highlight your service specialists and their training, as well as even have them educate customers on when to bring in their cars for service and things to pay attention to. You could even start a DIY video series that highlights how to do work on their own cars. This may sound counter intuitive, but most customers (aka the ones who are actually looking at these videos) will not want to do what the service department gets paid to do and generally take their car in after seeing the work they’d have to do. Not to mention the trust you’d build with those who know how to do it, but would rather pay to have it done.

5: Highlight Your Staff And Their Personalities

As a piggy back from the last idea, why not showcase all of your salespeople? Every employee in your shop has strengths and quirks that make them awesome in the own unique way. Why not show those interesting personalities off? Take time one day and film each employee answering a few questions about themselves, 45 seconds to minute worth of content each. These little videos can do wonders with helping people feel comfortable with your business, and also if you have a section on your website that has each of your employees on it imagine the trust that would be built. You could take it a step further by marketing these videos and turning their buying experience into an easy one for anyone who sees the ad.

6: Go Live For All Your Followers

OK, live video is weird, especially the first time trying to figure out what to talk about, but it’s worth it. When asked about what they'd prefer to watch, 82% preferred watching live video over other social posts and 87% would prefer to watch video online if it meant they'd get to see behind the scenes content. That is pretty close to everybody, and that number will grow as live video will become more accepted. Talk about upcoming sales, give swag away to the 10th comment, do a live Q&A on a new car or product. The possibilities are endless here, and the best part is the huge interaction live posts get. Talk about a way to engage with your viewers!


7: Film A Video Walk-Through Of Your Storefront

Can you think of a better way to get people familiar with the inside of your business than giving them a tour? And you don’t even have to offer drinks and snack at the end of the tour. People want to shop from a place they feel comfortable at, and rather than spending the time and effort to try and get them there, why not take away the fear of the unknown and show them what to expect? Take it one step further and offer a no pressure consult with anyone who has questions and you’ll see results!

8: Produce A Video Q&A For Often Asked Questions

OK, in any industry there are questions you will have to answer a million times, over, and over, and over again. Or are there? Why not take time to write down a list, film your answers in a professional setting, and then embed it on your website next to your contact information? The, rather than wasting resources by taking time over and over every day to answer the same questions, you’ve already created trust with your audience and when they call your sale will be that much easier, and you’ll have saved money doing this once and updating it every so often as needed. You’re welcome!

9: Let Your Clients Sell For You

Have you ever had one of your clients walk away super happy and grateful to have met you? We would imagine that if you're still in business, that answer is yes. That person went home, told their friends and family and you made 2 sales off of them because of the advertising they did that you didn’t even pay them to do! That is a great ROI. People will trust their friends and people like them, other consumers, much more than they will trust you. That will probably never change. Now what if you harnessed the power that is in that trust and created engaging testimonials that you then marketed around, sharing not just to 15 people but to 15,000 people. Those 2 sales would turn into much more, especially if the person you film has a personality that nobody can dislike. Many of our clients rely on these types of videos to be the foundation for their pillars of trust, and we think you should too.

10: Unleash Your Creative Beast

Last but not least, you can be infinitely creative with your marketing tactics and video making. Every one of you have creative ideas, you’re a business owner and no owner starts out without a dream or an idea. Take reign of the ideas that come your way and make them, even if it doesn't really have anything to do with your business. Some of the best advertisements of the past century have been random, abstract ideas that innovative marketers have capitalized on. Your idea could be the next big, high-converting advertisement that your local audience sees. Trust your gut and go for it!

Recap: The Top Ten Automotive Video Marketing Strategies

Once again, here is our top ten list of ideas to shoot your sales through the roof!

  1. Provide Buyers With Great Info On Your Car/Parts/Services

  2. Give Detailed Video Reviews Of Top Selling Products/Automobiles

  3. Give Your Service Department A Shot In The Spotlight

  4. Highlight Your Staff And Their Personalities

  5. Optimize Every Video For Mobile And Share Them

  6. Go Live For All Your Followers

  7. Film A Video Walk-Through Of Your Storefront

  8. Produce A Video Q&A For Often Asked Questions

  9. Let Your Clients Sell For You

  10. Unleash Your Creative Beast

Now to try to implement all of these would be quite challenging on your own. At the end of the day you know who your clients are, and you are able to decide which videos will help you reach your audience the best. They may be sentimental, emotional, quick and carefree buyers. On the other hand they might be focused, careful, and dedicated to getting the best deal. Create the content that will reach them and help them make their decision. We’ve implemented these methods with clients to help them get to the top and you too can become an automotive industry leader by applying these ideas in your efforts.

If you’re looking to apply all of these ideas to your business this year and want some expert help, call us or reach out to us using the button below! We would love to help you grow your brand into what you envision it becoming!