Fortress Collective
Digital Media: Built To Withstand

Our Creed

We are founded on beliefs of honesty, loyalty, and hard work.


Fortress Collective is a group of individuals with the sole focus of driving brand growth. We believe in creating content that inspires, websites that engage, and design that compels. Our mission is to build your brand into something even you haven;t envisioned, and we do this using state of the art technology combined with our out-of-the-box thinking. We were born during an experiment of planning, action and stimulation, a perfect balance of every member in the cerebral cortex. We are industry leaders. We are a collective of individuals hell bent on building something beautiful. united in thought and action, we strive to overcome the limits of technology and push the boundaries of what was previously thought possible. Whether we are building a website, enhancing user experience, overcoming stigmas by building reputations, or producing awesome content for your brand, we are some of the hardest working men and women you can put behind your team.


We don't put out any work unless it's the best, not just our best. We are endless in our search for perfection. We push, and we push, and we push again until we meet our goals. we build impenetrable fortresses out of your brands, insusceptible to the flaws of man and machine. BUILT TO WITHSTAND.


Our team are some of the best at what they do, from intricate graphic design to the most intense film productions you've ever had a privilege of feasting your eyes on. We are small, agile and accurate for the impressive small jobs and also have a large network of other creative geniuses for the jobs that require it.

We built Fortress Collective to be a juggernaut in a sea of media agencies. From video pre-production to website designs that push the envelope, we do it all. Our network is large, our minds are focused, we never give up, and we are set to build impenetrable fortresses out of whatever brainchild you have. 

We know the best way to win a war is to plan each and every battle, and not just when and where, but every tedious detail to ensure that you walk away victorious. We hunt down information like it's going out of style and use that to our advantage on every playing field. We conduct surveys, focus groups, and watch the trends to know every weakness and set the defenses in place. Our strategies are bulletproof.

Surveys, Focus Groups, Trend Analysis, Keyword Research, Analytics, Story Boarding, Script Writing, Video Pre-Production



After careful planning and preparation, we send the armies to lead the onslaught against our collective enemies. We produce videos to melt faces, design web layouts to leave minds in awe, hypnotize the masses with our creative graphic designs, and leave no survivors in our wake.

Video Production, Web Design, Graphic Design, Logo Animation, 3D Editing, Audio Mastering, Video Finalizing, Photography, Videography, Audio Mastering, Advertising Campaigns (Social/Print/PR)



After we've divided and conquered, we regroup and maintain on every front. We smash any rebellions with our continuously updated tactics and premium content, we reach people in every region through our campaigns and push the borders farther than Alexander the Great could've ever though possible, and we recruit the leaders of society who continue to build your brand without you spending a dime. We are never satisfied, always driven, and built to withstand any storm that's thrown at us.

Analytics Reporting, ROI Calculating, Informative, Results Driven Reports, Re-Analysis